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2011 Congratulations!

2011 Limited Rider World Champion

Whispering Spirit Ranch
is a sanctuary ranch retreat away from distractions to experience a quiet place in nature. Learning to listen is our motto. Listen with your spirit, mind and body to intensify your experience. Our ranch offers the opportunity to learn or experience lessons through land and animals. While our facility is primarily focused around horses and horse development, we also offer quiet spaces, bird and wild life retreats
to allow the element of listening to teach us.




For the horses:
we offer excellent choices in quality horses for your performance and versatile athletic horse needs. Through our breeding program potential buyers have the opportunity to work with the horses to make the best selection to create a match that suits both the horse and the owners riding goals.

The development of our horses is through kind and gentle natural horsemanship to create a mutual understanding between horse and rider/ owner. Less is better. We fully support the concept that in order to achieve greatness and loyalty with the animal you must first understand the psychology of the horse first. Basic foundational ground work is a must in order to achieve full respect from the horse.

For the riders/ owners:
we offer excellent training for riders/owners to fully understand the basic foundation our horses have been taught. Through our training we provide tools and basic understanding to carry you forward with a productive and satisfying relationship with your horse. .

2007 congrats - nationals

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