Integrating healthy spirits, minds, and bodies, for both humans and horses...

Cheryl and Rachel Pozzi
2 Marietta Court, Suite A
Edgewood, NM 87015
Phone: 505-385-6360

The Ranch

About Us
Whispering Spirit Ranch a sanctuary ranch retreat away from distractions to experience a quiet place in nature. Learning to listen is our motto. Listen with your spirit, mind and body to intensify your experience. Our ranch offers the opportunity to learn or experience lessons through land and animals. While our facility is primarily focused around horses and horse development, we also offer quiet spaces, bird and wildlife retreats for journaling, writers, artist experiences, soul listening, and talking with nature. Future programs will be working with animals and humans to heal the heart, seal the soul for warriors of many kind.

For the Horses...

We offer excellent choices in quality horses for your performance and versatile athletic horse needs. Through our program potential buyers have the opportunity to work with the horses to make the best selection to create a match that suits both the horse and the owners riding goals.

The development of our horses is through kind and gentle natural horsemanship to create a mutual understanding between horse and rider/owner. Less is better. We fully support the concept that in order to achieve greatness and loyalty with the animal you must first understand the psychology of the horse first. Basic foundational ground work is a must in order to achieve full respect from the horse.

We are not just a horse facility, but a learning center to touch your heart and soul.

The more we can help people and animals, the more everyone benefits. We aim to help others learn more about natural products for themselves, their animals, and natural methods to use for a healthy relationship with their horse. Learning is an on going process, one to continue to broaden the foundation, open the mind, and humble the heart. Our goals are to help others see the very core of learning is through the senses. In the hustle and bustle of busy days we have slowly slipped into a world of doing rather than stopping and listening to the senses. Many find the sense of instinct the hardest to hear, and then to trust it. We also have the laws of the universe in which one can learn how you use them dictate your outcomes. Improve your visualization.

Our facility will be conducting classes of various types to help others learn more about understanding the laws of the universe, the use of your senses, and how these can benefit your personal and business life, or the relationship with your horse. Besides these courses, we will host other special events just about horses. Maybe you are new to horses, they intrigue you but you don't want to own one, we have classes for you, too.

Our horses are bred from some of the finest performance horses in the world. Blending athletic ability, conformation, temperament and color, we have selections to suit most desires. Our training approaches the mind of the horse, understanding the psychology first in order to achieve a mutual relationship of trust and respecting leadership.

Why Appaloosas?

The Appaloosa draws close to the human spirit of remembering history through the Nez Pierce Indian culture. The beautiful coloration and extreme differences also reminds of how different we all are, but underneath is a heart ready to please and work. Their stamina has been proven over the years through war, ranch work and into the ages of pleasure riding. Their exciting colors gives them an air of flashiness and they know it. Many Appaloosas have beautiful gaits, extended trots, and have been known to hold their tails up with pride, much like the Arabians. They have proven through time through foundation or modern breeding, superior endurance and ability.

The joy of birthing an appaloosa is like Christmas, never knowing the colorful package until it's unfolded.

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